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Self love this Valentine's Day

Updated: Mar 3

Valentine's Day can be a day that creates many uncomfortable emotions for people such as jealousy and envy, anger and loneliness, sadness and self-loathing.


But it doesn't need to be this way. We do not need to put our self-worth in others' hand. In fact, we should do the opposite. Here are some things we can do this Valentine’s to show ourselves love.


1.Instead of following those intrusive thoughts, treat yourself instead. Do something nice with a friend. Catch up over coffee, visit an amazing art exhibition or museum, go to the cinema and enjoy someone else’s company. Not every relationship has to be about romance.


2. Do something nice by yourself. Have a long, luxurious bath, see a heart-warming film or cook yourself a mouth-watering meal. Also, remember, everything you could do with a friend, you can do by yourself. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. Indeed, it is a healthy sign of maturity and something to be celebrated.


3. We don't need to dwell in our worst thoughts about ourselves. Remember all the good you have done and all the good things in our life. We all have regrets, especially about relationships with others, but they do not define us.


4. Check in on yourself. How are you doing? How is your mental health? Are we being kind to ourselves? These questions allow us to assess whether we are truly showing ourselves love and protecting our mental wellness. If the answers to these questions are negative, it’s time for a change in attitude and perhaps time to reach out for help.


The final thing to remember is we all deserve to be loved. And if we do not love ourselves, we cannot accept love from others.


So, this Valentine’s Day, do not let the intrusive thoughts win.


Remember - you are worthy, you are beautiful.


If you struggle with mental health issues, it can be helpful to reach out for support. Talk to a trusted friend or family member, seeking support from a mental health professional or joining a support group. Power to live Foundation is a charity that offers low-cost behavioural therapy that focuses on helping you take back control of your life.



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