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We believe in access to quality therapy for the many

Accessing psychological therapies can be difficult, with long NHS waiting lists and private therapy costing between £80 - £150.

Power to Live is the only charity in the UK which offers behavioural psychotherapy based on affordability. We operate on a means-tested sliding scale based on your annual income, with sessions starting from just £8.

Take a look at our pricing structure below.



On UC/ benefits* to £15,000 - £8

£15,000 to £25,000 - £20

£25,000 to £35,000 - £32

£35,000 to £40,000 - £45

​*Universal credit / Benefits are classed as income.

If your annual income is above £40,000, please contact us to agree pricing.

We do our best to offer free treatment or "what you can pay" donations to clients who do not currently receive any benefits, have refugee status or have insecure income. Please contact us to discuss further.


Up to £25,000 - £25

£25,000 to £38,000 - £42

Location: Longcroft House, Victoria Avenue, London EC2M 2NS

Nearest stations: Liverpool Street station, Moorgate Station

Availability is limited depending on day and time.

Please note, we sadly we do not have the appropriate specialism and medical capacity to treat people who are experiencing psychotic symptoms, chronic eating disorders, addiction issues, are actively suicidal or engaging in risk-to-life behaviour. We therefore cannot accept clients with these presentations for treatment.

Additionally, we can only work with clients who are based in the UK.

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