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At Power to Live, we work to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Through the effective management of complaints and compliments, we hope to continue to improve our treatment. Your feedback is always helpful and taken into consideration.

As part of complaints and compliments policy and in alignment with our larger ethos of care, compassion and kindness we agree to:

  • Treat all complaints as valid, meaningful and useful

  • Promote transparency and honesty in responding to complaints and/or compliments

  • Ensure the process is accessible and clear

  • Respond to complaints and/or compliments in a timely manner (within three business days)

  • Take appropriate action where possible and incorporate feedback when necessary in our service processes and procedures

  • Respond to all complaints and/or compliments with empathy, kindness and concern


1. Make a request to have a complaint or compliment acknowledged in writing to We aim to respond to complaint and/or compliment requests within three business days.

2. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) will contact you by email to thank you for your compliment, or set up an appointment to discuss your complaint. Hopefully, any issues can be addressed and discussed in this meeting. When appropriate, changes may be made or decisions explained in greater detail.

3. If you do not feel your complaint have been sufficiently addressed in meeting with the Chief Operations Officer (COO) please ask the COO to pass the issue on to our CEO, Tien Kuei. She will arrange to meet with you within five business days on receiving the request from the COO. All complaints or compliments submitted to the CEO will remain on file.

4. The final step in the complaints process if you feel your needs have not been sufficiently addressed in the previous steps is to speak to the Power to Live Foundation trustees. If you feel this is necessary, please ask the CEO Tien Kuei to arrange this for you.

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