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Hear from our clients...


You  being so responsive and informative in those early stages really helped me when I was low, and it
was hugely appreciated.

You have been amazing my therapist is just the best. You are all such a great team I can’t thank you enough x

Lifesaving experience, thank you team for everything you have done for me

At Power to Live Foundation, we deeply care not only for our clients but also for our therapist community. We understand that providing effective support to our clients requires a strong and supported team of therapists. 

Therapist Support and Development: We recognize that our therapists play a vital role in delivering quality care to our clients. We provide them with ongoing training, supervision, and professional development opportunities. By investing in our therapists' skills and knowledge, we ensure that they have the necessary tools and expertise to offer the best possible support to our clients.

Regular Supervision and Consultation: We offer regular supervision and consultation sessions to our therapists. These sessions provide a safe space for therapists to seek guidance and receive feedback on their therapeutic approaches. By providing ongoing support and supervision, we ensure that our therapists feel confident and competent in their practice.

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