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 Feedback from
Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services (APPTS) 

Feedback from/involving clients:
Service users spoken to during the review had many positive experiences to share while seeking care. Service users felt that the care provided at the service was the best they have received thus far when compared to other services. Several stated that the experience while seeking care was “life- changing”. Service users have also stated that the communication with members of staff was very good. They felt that they were granted accessible points of contact. Service users stated that the administration team continuously reached out to ensure that they were happy with the care received after each session and that they were always told when to expect to hear back from therapists between sessions.

"My therapist was very helpful kind and patient, I am a 70 year old lady and been struggling with early childhood trauma, I never thought I would ever have therapy , but I was listened to and given advise on how to help me when having panicked attacks, and reliving horrible memories, I can’t be more thankful for the help I received, I still have dark days but I am able to cope better, and I now know they are qualified people to help me, thank you again for your help."

At Power to Live Foundation, we deeply care not only for our clients but also for our therapist community. We understand that providing effective support to our clients requires a strong and supported team of therapists. 

Feedback from/involving therapists:

Staff members spoken to on the day of the peer review have stated that they feel supported by the service. Therapists shared that their wellbeing was prioritised, with some detailing how management keeps a close eye if their caseload gets too high. Therapists feel no added pressure to increase caseload. They also stated that management was very accessible and support was always offered if needed. Overall, a positive organisational culture across the service is evident.


"This service is one of a kind, it has allowed me to further my understanding of therapy and for the love that I have for it. I will be forever grateful for the training and help they have provided to me."

"Power to live is an amazing service for both its users and therapists. The trainees go through extensive training, and I personally felt very safe and well"

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