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Happy Easter!

A time of Reflection at Power to Live


Here at Power to Live, we believe in reflection and renewal.Reflecting on our success and values and also assessing where we can improve. Renewing means taking these reflections and allowing them to help us grow.


At Power to Live, our values include diversity and difference and strive to serve clients from all walks of life. We are helped by being a female-lead charity with senior positions held by people from all over the world, from Taiwan to the United States. Our therapists also come from diverse backgrounds, meaning we can tailor your needs to a therapist who will understand you.


So, whatever your background, with Power to Live your diversity will be celebrated as part of what makes you unique. This could be race, sexuality, gender identity, religion income or class.


As a charity working for low-cost therapy for those on low incomes, we know life can be tough and people have unique problems. But whatever these problems, we can provide you a safe space to reflect, renew and nurture your uniqueness.


Easter and Spring at Power to Live


As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, times can start to feel more optimistic. Opportunities begin to arise, relationships start to feel stronger and we can feel more relaxed. But for others, it can be a difficult time.


For those who suffer with body image problems or who have scars from past self-harm can find this time of year triggering. But there is no reason to feel shame. Our scars are a reminder of how strong we are for keeping going and how far we have come. It is also a reminder that past traumas or regrets do not define the now.


Body image problems can be triggered as we often wear less layers in warmer weather but we must remember two things.

1. We can wear what we like when we like – if we don’t feel comfortable showing skin there is no shame in that

2. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. No one is too big or small, skinny or large and the diversity of human appearance is something to be celebrated

3. We deserve to feel comfortable no matter how we look.


So Happy Easter from us at Power to Live and enjoy the sunshine that is coming our way

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