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Post-FAP Psychedelics Experience

A team of therapeutic psychedelics experts are organizing a retreat designed to integrate the principles of awareness, courage, and love that we nurtured during our FAP sessions with the transformative potential of psychedelic experiences.

The retreat will take place in the Netherlands, where truffles containing psilocybin can be legally bought in shops. The on-site team consists of Daan De Vries, medical doctorElena Riedel, psychotherapists and Eugen Secara, psychotherapists. Team members are certified in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy by the European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, having finished a 2-year post-graduate training program. This blend of qualifications ensures that our retreat provides not only transformative experiences but also maintains the highest standards of physical safety and therapeutic support.

During the retreat, our guides will provide personalized support, ensuring that your experience is both profound and safe. They will lead pre-session preparatory exercises, guide you through the psychedelic sessions, and facilitate post-session integration, helping you make sense of your experiences and apply insights to your personal and professional life.

This retreat is scheduled to take place from 24.06.2024 to 28.06.2024, in a serene and beautiful environment in proximity to Weert.

Our goal is to make this transformative experience accessible while ensuring the highest quality of guidance and support from our expert team. To achieve this, we have established a pricing model that is dependent on the number of participants. This approach allows us to cover all necessary expenses while providing you with the best possible value.

For a group of 16 participants, the cost per person will be approximately 1000€ while for a group of 10 to 15 participants, the cost per person will increase slightly to around 1,300€.

Please note that these prices are estimates and may vary within a 200€ range either way. This variance accounts for unforeseen changes in costs or adjustments that may be necessary to deliver the highest quality experience. This price includes accommodation, food and all materials necessary during the retreat. Cheap flights are available from Budapest to Amsterdam or Eindhoven (especially on the 24th of June), from where the retreat place is accessible via train and a short walk.

We understand that the variability in pricing may affect your decision, and we want to be as transparent as possible. We encourage you to sign up early, as the final cost will be determined by the total number of confirmed participants. By securing your spot, you not only ensure your place in this unique experience but also help in lowering the overall cost for everyone. To ensure your spot in this transformative journey, we kindly request a deposit. 

We believe this retreat will be a valuable extension of the work we began together and a unique opportunity to explore new depths of personal and collective growth. We sincerely hope you will consider joining us on this transformative journey.

To reserve a place, make a deposit of 400€  

Cancellation policy: Since the final cost of the event depends on the commitment of the participants - we will not be offering a refund once you make your deposit.

If you have any questions, please contact: 


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