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Founder and CEO

Tien specialises in ‘3rd wave’ behavioural therapies, and continue to train in the latest treatment technologies, which focuses on compassionate yet precise behavioural focused treatments. Her expertise lies in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) and Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT). Tien is a certified FAP trainer with the University of Washington, and a contributor to the clinical development of FAP as well as presenting training workshops for clinicians.

Tien has worked in both NHS primary care and privately, providing care to adults with a variety of mental health and life issues. Tien enjoys researching behavioural components of the therapeutic relationship to foster change.


Tien experienced her first charity work at Commit and ACT (, an organisation offering ACT training to health workers in Sierra Leone. After visiting the country and seeing how effective behavioural treatments can translate across cultures in order to strengthen communities, she wanted to provide affordable evidence-based behavioural treatments to people in the UK. By offering training to Power to Live psychotherapists, she helps them to deliver behavioural treatments to the charity's clients, as well as create communities to support change.


Co-Founder and Trustee

George grew up with family members & friends who suffered from untreated mental illness in an era when mental health was frowned upon and this is why today he feels passionate about assisting in giving people the support and opportunity to work on their mental well being.

George is an investor and property developer across a variety of asset classes, including residential, hotel, commercial and leisure. With a long-term strategy in place to develop not only key businesses and new start-ups, George also wanted to create something meaningful through The Power to Live Foundation. This is something very close to his heart; he recognises the most powerful tool you have in life is your mind, hence the importance of learning how to control it in situations that can be challenging in business as well as personal situations.


George is a key donor, helping us to offer evidence-based psychotherapy to more people without the means to access them. He is also passionate about building supportive communities that can help people shape their mind-set which, in turn, will help them to live better lives.

Raveen Bains

Head of Fundraising and Trustee


Trustee and Senior Therapist

Olivia has had an interest in studying psychotherapy for a long time so she courageously made a late-career change to become a CBT therapist. Olivia joined us as a placement therapist but after showing an impressive aptitude for our behavioural approaches, she has now joined our Senior Therapist team delivering more complex treatments. Olivia comes from a legal background working as a solicitor in the Prison Service. We are honoured to have her join our Trustee team, bringing with her a special combination of compassion and legal expertise to ensure our compliance and ethical practice.


Our therapist team comprises of Senior Therapists and Trainee Placement Therapists


The leaders and Senior Therapists that manage the behind-the-scenes


The trustees who support Power to Live to deliver life-changing therapy

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