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Your steps to a more fulfilling life

Beginning therapy can be a daunting experience. Whether you've experienced therapy before or it's your first time, not knowing what to expect from a service can be unsettling. That's why we've laid out step by step what you can expect from your therapy journey at Power to Live.

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Registration form

Fill out this registration form to share some details with us about yourself. One of our Senior Clinicians will get in touch via email within a week to book your free assessment.



You'll meet with one of our Senior Clinicians online for a 45-minute assessment. Together you'll explore your main challenges, a brief history and therapy goals.


Assigning a therapist

If you're accepted (based on clinical criteria) for therapy with Power to Live, you'll be added to the waiting list until there is capacity to assign you with a therapist who is suited to your needs. This can take between 3 - 4 weeks depending on the time of year.


First session

When your therapist has been assigned, they will reach out and arrange to meet with you for the first time either online or face-to-face. In this session, your therapist will cover some therapy admin and begin to explore your challenges and therapy goals.

Please note, we sadly we do not have the appropriate specialism and medical capacity to treat people who are experiencing psychotic symptoms, chronic eating disorders, addiction issues, are actively suicidal or engaging in risk-to-life behaviour. We therefore cannot accept clients with these presentations for treatment.

Additionally, we can only work with clients who are based in the UK.

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