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Get started on your therapy journey

At Power to Live, we offer short-term cognitive and behavioural therapies at a low cost, starting from just £8 per session.


Find out about the type of therapy we specialise in, pricing, exclusion criteria and more below. If you're ready to book your free assessment, complete this registration form and one of our Senior Clinicians will be in touch within a week.

CBT, ACT, FAP psychotherapy


Find out about the third- and fourth-wave cognitive behavioural therapies we specialise in, including CBT, ACT and FAP.

Liverpool Street station, City of London


Starting therapy can be daunting. Find out exactly what you can expect from registering for assessment to your first session.

Pricing, Fees


The amount you pay per session is based on your annual income (means-tested). Take a look at our pricing, starting from £8.


We support a wide range of mental health difficulties, including:

  • Low mood and/or motivation

  • Anxiety or excessive worry

  • Stress

  • Anxiety in social situations

  • Feeling a lack of control over your life

  • Loss, grief or bereavement

  • Long-term effects of trauma or difficult experiences, such as flashbacks, nightmares or feeling overwhelmed by fear or worry

  • Difficulty connecting with others

  • Interpersonal challenges

  • Persistent, intrusive thoughts

  • Feeling lost or lacking purpose

  • Avoidance of particular places, people or situations

  • Chronic health issues

  • Feelings of low self-worth

  • Challenges in your current situation as a result of past issues, trauma or hardships

Our placement therapists are all in post-graduate training and working towards accreditation. They have all passed a stringent training process in behavioural therapies and receive weekly supervision and ongoing training. We also have a team of Senior Therapists available who have completed their post-graduate training and are available to take on the more complex cases.

Please note, we sadly we do not have the appropriate specialism and medical capacity to treat people who are experiencing psychotic symptoms, chronic eating disorders, addiction issues, are actively suicidal or engaging in risk-to-life behaviour. We therefore cannot accept clients with these presentations for treatment.

Additionally, we can only work with clients who are based in the UK.

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