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Moving more for our mental health – a reflection on Mental Health Awareness Week

On Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, the Mental Health Foundation urged us to move more for our mental health. Here at Power to Live, we believe in evidence-based behavioural therapy to help you live a more meaningful life. Exercise can be a big part of that. It allows us to achieve goals, persevere and stay connected with others.


There are many ways to move more. Our COO Kelsey gave advice on Yoga poses to do which can help destress and relax both the body and mind. This represents a slower, more calming type of movement that is excellent for those suffering with anxiety. It also helps teach a brilliant skill that all exercise can help teach us, which is mindfulness.


Mindfulness helps to give us back a feeling of control. This can mean control of our thoughts and our mind, allowing us to focus on what make us happy rather than on intrusive thoughts. This also can mean control over our lives and a sense of agency over ourselves. Because, of course, no one is going to live our life for us.


Other ways to move more, including taking part in sport as part of a team, allowing us to gain confidence, commit to others and socialise more. This is a particularly good way to move more for those who suffer from social anxiety or want to make new friends over a shared interest. After all, there is no better way in forming friendship them camaraderie.


Going to the gym is a good way of using exercise to set yourself achievable goals and feel a sense of achievement. It also allows us to set a routine for ourselves and can help to reduce negative moods.


No discussion on moving more for our mental health can ignore that exercise, as well as being a brilliant boost on mental health, can also help our physical health. Exercise reduces stress, anxiety and can help with serious conditions like depression or OCD.


So, as we look back on Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s remember to keep moving. Not to please anyone else or because intrusive thoughts tell us to – but for our mental health. It is self-care at its finest.

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