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Being present this holiday season

Although a celebratory time of year, for many of us the holiday season can bring up difficult emotions. We may feel increased levels of stress due to busy schedules or social pressures, sadness from feelings of loss or grief, or low mood. It’s easy to mentally “time-travel” and lose focus on the here-and-now. Let’s be honest, this is normal and we all feel this way! It’s a tricky time of year for everyone.

Here are some of our favourite ways to stay present this holiday season:

  • Start a new holiday tradition and share it with the people you choose that matter to you.

  • Take a Christmas morning walk with a loved one or pet. Follow up the walk with a warm cup of tea and some cosy time.

  • Write or create simple, heartwarming cards to your neighbours or those you love and deliver them. Maybe even anonymously!

  • Take ownership of traditions! Is there something your family does or doesn’t do that you either don’t like or want to do? This is your year to go for it! Be a tradition-starter and do something new. Remember, all traditions had to be started by someone…

  • Host a potluck dinner for those closest to you, either before or after the holiday season. Keep the magic going!

  • Use social media to connect! Apps like NextDoor are great for arranging meet-ups.

  • Volunteering can give us a real sense of fulfillment and connection. Check out local organisations like food banks to see how you can support.

  • Remember, the best gift you can give someone is time. Choose presence over presents.

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