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Power to Live training is positively life changing for the therapist; in the same way we want our treatment to be positively life changing for the client.


Our placement therapists needs to deliver behavioural therapies, so we require our trainees to pass a 8-weeks training in Functional analysis, ACT and FAP, then you will be contracted to take on a minimum of four clients.

Our placement training is intense and rigorous, with special emphasis on experiential in-session therapeutic processes, so be prepared to dive deep to super charge your ability as an agent for change.

This will suit volunteers who are eager to learn, and most importantly be courageously self-reflective and compassionate.

We welcome therapists and counsellors from all theoretical orientations as long as you are open to learning behavioural formulation skills to enhance your therapy. Power to Live is committed to creating an inclusive community for our therapists.

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