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Intensive Programme for downloading

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy - European Intensive 2024-7
Download PDF • 7.35MB

The organiser reserves the right to alter aspects of the programme.

Post-FAP Psychedelics Experience

A team of therapeutic psychedelics experts are organizing a retreat designed to integrate the principles of awareness, courage, and love that we nurtured during our FAP sessions with the transformative potential of psychedelic experiences.

The retreat will take place in the Netherlands, where truffles containing psilocybin can be legally bought in shops. The on-site team consists of Daan De Vries, medical doctorElena Riedel, psychotherapists and Eugen Secara, psychotherapists. Team members are certified in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy by the European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, having finished a 2-year post-graduate training program. This blend of qualifications ensures that our retreat provides not only transformative experiences but also maintains the highest standards of physical safety and therapeutic support.

During the retreat, our guides will provide personalized support, ensuring that your experience is both profound and safe. They will lead pre-session preparatory exercises, guide you through the psychedelic sessions, and facilitate post-session integration, helping you make…

Travel and Accommodation Info For Europeans

Flights: There are affordable short-haul flights to Budapest. We recommend that you book earlier than later!


The FAP Intensive venue (Nador u. 15), the Central European University conference building in the center of Budapest (on the Pest side) is quite easy to get to by bus or by metro. When looking at a map of Budapest, you might notice a series of large ring roads around the center. The venue is just outside the innermost ring, meaning anywhere within it would likely be a 10-15 minute walk to the venue. The next larger ring pushing that to a 15-25 min walk, though in both cases extensive trams, buses, and metro connections likely mean you can get to the site within 10-15 minutes from much of the city. Prices on AirBnB are quite affordable, though you can also consider the app HotelTonight for deep discounts (though…

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