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Travel and Accommodation Info For Europeans

Flights: There are affordable short-haul flights to Budapest. We recommend that you book earlier than later!


The FAP Intensive venue (Budapest, Nádor u. 13, 1051 Hungary), the Central European University conference building in the center of Budapest (on the Pest side) is quite easy to get to by bus or by metro. When looking at a map of Budapest, you might notice a series of large ring roads around the center. The venue is just outside the innermost ring, meaning anywhere within it would likely be a 10-15 minute walk to the venue. The next larger ring pushing that to a 15-25 min walk, though in both cases extensive trams, buses, and metro connections likely mean you can get to the site within 10-15 minutes from much of the city. Prices on AirBnB are quite affordable, though you can also consider the app HotelTonight for deep discounts (though limited dates in advance to book),, or Expedia. For some of Matthew's favorites, RUM Hotel (and their newly opened neighboring venue, GIN Hotel) are fairly new boutique locations right in the center, and Three Corners is a Belgian chain with multiple locations in the city. Three Corners has comfortable rooms and is adjacent to major transit hubs, and sometimes offers great discounts. Transit or walking up and down Buda hill across the river may take some time, so if it is important to you to stay on that side of the river, keep the hills and transit time in mind.

NOTE: If you want to check out travel time from a hotel you are considering, there are a lot of Nador u. in Budapest in different quarters. Use "CEU Nador 15 Building" in Google maps for an accurate destination! You also might be mindful that if you check during the day in the US, you might be inadvertently looking at travel times or transit options at 4 AM in Budapest, so be sure to adjust your departure times to get a sense of daytime options.

Getting Around

Budapest has a phenomenal public transportation system, including buses, trams, and the oldest underground metro in continental Europe! Many of the metro stations appear on top 10 lists of most beautifully designed stations. Getting tickets is fairly straightforward at any machine in the city, though an alternative if you have a smartphone is to download the "BudapestGO" app. Within the app you can purchase tickets for either a single trip or for multiple days. Prices are shown in Hungarian forints, though in general the conversion rate translates to less than $20 for a 15-day metro pass, and about $15 for a 72-hour pass.

Places of Interest

You might note when booking a number of locations specifically referenced. Vaci utca (VAH-tsee OO-tsuh) is a corridor of traditional restaurants and souvenir/craft shops that transitions into a busier thoroughfare of international chains and boutiques, near the river as well as the FAP Intensive venue. Deák Ferenc tér is a square near the basilica, historical grand synagogue, and nightlife, as well as a major transit hub, also easily walkable to the workshop venue. Not far from Deák Ferenc tér is Dohány u., a relatively short street that passes along the back of the grand synagogue. This neighborhood is a part of the historic Jewish quarter, and bustles now with nightlife and restaurants - many focusing on Kosher food nearer the synagogue. A number of large hotels are on this street, including the Continental Hotel Budapest, so it is worth checking out.


If you are traveling internationally to Budapest for the first time, congratulations! It is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe, and also quite easy for a tourist. Budapest is easily walkable with extensive public transportation options, and you will find English spoken in virtually every venue.

In choosing a flight, conventional wisdom holds that trips from the US to Europe tend to be most affordable about 3 months prior to your departure. Apps such as "Hopper" might alert you to when flight prices appear lowest from your local area. The airport is not large enough for transcontinental jets, so you will likely have a transfer (most common points of transfer are London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or Munich). The transfer point will vary based on the airline you fly, though the Munich airport often schedules fairly short layovers. It is a very efficient airport and those shorter transfer times are carefully planned, though if this makes you a bit anxious or you simply prefer a leisurely moment to stretch your legs, you might keep this in mind.

As the FAP Intensive comes closer, we will begin to share additional tips and recommendations connected to the nature and nightlife of the city. The evening sun will be shining late in June, allowing for walks on the gorgeous Margaret Island, sitting out in the large squares and plazas at restaurants or bars, or even hanging out on one of the gorgeous bridges over the Danube where locals might be found sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

Power to Live Foundation

Hi all! Looking forward to meet everyone in June :) Has anyone yet booked a room? It would be nice to stay at the same place and share breakfast together. I might also be interested to share an airbnb apartment if that interests someone. I'm a Live with ACL chapter leader and have limited experience and training related to FAP. Feel free to contact me here or through email. Warmly, Pentti Salmiaitta Psychologist Kotka, Finland



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